Tuesday, 29 November 2011

More Pirate buildings

As promised here are some more concept sketches for the next few buildings in my 40mm pirate project The shipwrights will be a similar size to the smithy I have already built (See Sunday 13th November) This will be one large building and a walled courtyard. Living space and workshop in the building. Living space on two floors. No self respecting Piratical retreat would be without a tavern and this is the one I will build. The Flying Fishe will be a large model in several parts which will hopefully be the location of more than its fair share of bar brawls. A series of three houses with walled back gardens. Different heights and roof alignments should make for an interesting skyline. Like everything else these will come apart in several parts. The ground floors will be modeled to the bases with the back gardens in place too. The ground floor, then will be one big model. I am starting on this one first.

A detached house with a shop on the ground floor. This one has a wedge shaped back garden, which will be across the road from the rear of the tavern. There is a map of the whole harbour which I will get round to posting soon. There is a lot of work to be done here, and I reckon I will be glad that I am not aiming to take this to Salute 2012 now but Salute 2013 instead.

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  1. I assume you came up with the name for the Tavern using your famous "Random Tavern Name Generator"???

    What about such classics as "The Broken Theodolite" and "The Mended Prophylactic"?

    Merry Chrimbo to H, N and P