What I do...Steampunk

Respirators are a must.

Steampunk... Well it's our release really. The rest of the season we spend most of our time worrying about getting it 'right' and 'authentic'. The great thing about Steampunk is that you can do pretty much what you like. This is Cos-Play not reenactment, but we still like to do it as well as we can.

Heidi in fine form
Heidi and Ned

Steampunk allows us to look for cool things to wear and use, you are not restricted to types of fabric or patterns. Steampunk is heavily based in the late Victorian period, we tend to prefer Steampubk which is Victorian with a twist. I tend to think of it as 'Doubletake Steampunk' At first glance it looks Victorian then over your shoulder you spot, the cogs, tubes and wierd stuff. 

Family Eagling on the trail of dinosaurs

Fighting off a Pterranadon
Steampunk is no pressure family fun. We have been dinosaur hunting, Laser Shooting and had a few beers in Top Hats and bustles.

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