Sunday, 28 October 2012

Hands On History

Well the reenactment season is well and truly over, and preparations are well underway for 2013. We hope to have some pretty cool gigs next year. Until then we have a load of preparation to do. Kit to make, gigs to plan etc etc. Plus I have lots of gaming projects underway, especially now my son (Nathan 10) has decided that he wants to learn to play 40k. He has started to collect Dark Angels and is making a pretty good go of painting his new marines.

Anyway to keep you going til my next post here is another short film I made towards the end of the season. We spend a great deal of time at events clouting each other with a variety of weapons, but there is so much more to Living History. This footage for this film was shot at Kentwell Hall (where else?) I started off bu just filming LH activities but started to focus on hands. It was Sue Kirkby, who gave me the title for this film and then a focus for all the rest of the footage. It worked out really well, as the focus on hands means we get away from people and just look at what goes during the day. This is just a sample of the things we do, but it gives a nice flavour of Living History and freflects the day to day life we try to portray. 


Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Guns and fings wot go bang!

We have guns, Mwhahahaha. Some of them have been a long time coming this season, but they finally got here and before the end of the season we managed to get a couple of shots off:0) He is a brief video of our guns going BANG!


Enjoy, we did:0)