What I did...Medieval Tournaments

Tournaments are a pretty new thing for me. Having fought in my first one in 2011. These tourneys are fought on behalf of English Heritage, in some of the finest venues England has to offer. Some folk think it isn't 'proper' reenacting. Either they aren't close enough to a real tournaments or because there are too many people watching having fun. I believe, on the otherhand, that this is one form of reenactment that really works. It's great fun, the crowds love it. The fighting is competitive, the rivalries are real. Of course there is some hamming it up and some exgerrated characterisation, but that's all part of the fun.

Sir Edward (me) removes Sir Adrian's crest at Old Sarum, July 2012 

When the arena shows aren't happening there is some great Living History to be found around the site, and other entertainments too. The Tourenys make great family days out and my whole family loves taking part. In 2013 we will be at three Knights' Tourneys of Foote for English Heritage, at Framlingham, Richmond & Dover Castles. Let the Mayhem commence.

Sir Edward gives the Gold squire a right pounding, bounder!

I have a separate blog for the Knights' Tourneys here http://headshotstourney.blogspot.co.uk/

Sir Edward's pavilion, where I spend most summer nights.

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