End Of Empire

I have been a tabletop gamer for more than 25 years. I have played all sorts of games, in different scales, periods and places. Over the years I have honed my gaming down to a  handful of interests, it is the only way of getting anything completed. One of my main  areas of interest is the late 19th century, especially alternative reality based games. End of Empire is my chosen game for this period. Why is that you ask? Well I wrote it (with my friend Pete)

Victoriana/steampunk based table top games have become very fashionable recently. I like to think myself a pioneer of the genre. My game End Of Empire is now 9 years old and still gives me a great deal of pleasure.

EOE is a mix of tabletop wargame and roleplaying game. It is intended to be a umpired game with the umpire taking the role of the baddies and neutral characters. The players play the heroes. Recently it has evolved into also using larger forces and it can look a little more like a regular wargame, albeit with some odd protagonists.

EOE has also been an excellent vehicle for me to explore scenery building. In fact the scenery is probably the feature I enjoy the most. Between my small gaming group we can now fill a 6' by 12' table with Victorian London. 

We have churches, mansions, shops, museums, warehouses, pubs, theatres and many other structures. Far too many to list or show here. Check out the End of Empire website for lots of images. 

End of Empire is a multi award winning game and featured in Wargames Illustrated 286 & 287. The rules are available from the website.

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