Wednesday, 5 January 2011

French and Indian War progress already.

Well I am making quick progress with models for my Salute game for this year. The first section of the board only needs a frontier cabin to make a farmstead. I was going to make a log cabin from balsa dowel but as I want the whole model to come apart, as does all my skirmish scenery, I decided that logs would be way too much hassle. So I settled on balsa planking.

The model has been designed with various bits of furniture (which will feature in a future post) so it must come apart. It is only one large room, as it should be and a stone fire place made from plaster bricks. Balsa floor boards and plastic windows help to give detail.

The roof comes off, leaving the roof of the verandah and on the animal shed that is attached.

I aim to paint this model in the next week, then I will have everything ready fro the first third of the board and can be play testing the scenario for this part of the game. Come back and see this in its finished form next week.

Monday, 3 January 2011

Blast from the past!

Happy New Year!
Well it's a new year and it started pretty well from a gaming point of view, as my first game of anything took place on the 2nd of January, huzzah! I invited a few friends over to play some Warhammer Quest.

Quest... Quest..? Yep Warhammer Quest. When I worked for GW in 1995/96 it was the game I found the easiest to sell. It just sold itself, truely a complete game in a box, and packed with great (for the time) plastic figures, many of which I have now replaced or am replacing with the current generation of great plastic figures. It was the game to sell to people who didn't know what army to collect and whatever figures they bought they could use in the game somewhere.

Last night's game was the first time I had played Quest for five years or so, which is daft really as I have everything just sitting in cases in the garage. Anyway to cut a long blog short, a good time was had by all. A fun game with good friends. They were mostly hopeless; excellent when fighting an ogre terrible when fighting a bunch of night goblins. Eventually managed to make it through the first level of a dungeon. Many laughs on the way and NEXT time we'll add another player. I was hoping that it wouldn't be lame and would be fun at least. It turned out much better than I expected, we will definitely play more and ,I hope, regularly. And if that happens I might just have to make those 3d boards I always fancied making, sod it another project.

Warhammer Quest a game that stands up to the test of time. A game that GW could really look at again, but probably/definitetly won't. Still that means old geezers like me get to keep it to our selves:0)