Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Steampunk Birthday Gathering or my family and friends are proper bad ass!

Huzzah a new year! I have several wargaming battle reports nearly finished, but the start of the new year saw something a tad different. 14th January was my good lady wife's birthday, a significant one and my family and friends had a great excuse for a gathering.

Heidi and me, about to go into the underworld of Old London

Just down the road from us is the Megacentre, which ha s had a lasertag arena for the past 20 years or so. Recently it had  a refit, the centre decided that Sci-fi decor dates very quickly, so how do you avoid your scenery look dated, make it look dated to start with Megazone's decor is now all leaky sewer pipes, paving slabs and packing cases. Inside and out it has a great Victoriana feel.  So taking the birthday and the refit together what do you get?

Answer 35 Steampunks zapping eachother. We journeyed to Megazone, in hansome cabs, dirigibles and on horseless carriages to risk a dangerous assignment in the sewers of Olde London Towne. Which mostly involved zapping eachother with beams of high intensity light. Tea and medicinal G&Ts were to be served elsewhere.

Some of those present - Steampunks all!

Frankly my friends never cease to amaze me, I come up with a barking made idea and they play along (in spades) Several folk arrived in brand new kit, in some cases it was so brand new it was being finished whilst on the way (Well done Liz and Lorna:0) We drew plenty of looks and admiring comments from other people at the Megacentre who clearly didn't get the memo about the required dress code.

We then played two exclusive games in the arena. And it was a right hoot. The new kit Megazone has is excellent, the lasers are really clear. And we discovered that wearing Victorian clothing makes everyone slow down and play at a more sedate pace.

Above are my family in full on zapping mode. Heidi Sniping, Ned blasting and Beanie, frankly, Going Postal!

There is no point trying to write a report as to who won etc (actually I seem to remember Heidi winning the first game) Needless to say we had a brilliant time. Lasers and curses filled the arena. The second game was photographed by Bendy and Broad Tom and I filmed it. I will post some more photos if I can.

All I have to say in the aftermath, is thanks to MEgazone for having us, and a HUGE thanks to all those that came and played. You guys ROCK!