Wednesday, 28 November 2012

VBCW on the IOW or Better Red than Red

Huzzah, I finally managed to get some wargaming in. Several friends descended on my house last weekend, to play some Very British Civil War (VBCW). We managed to get two games in (yes two) One of which is written up here, I will add a second report for game two on another occasion.
The first game was played between Grant and myself, against Jon and Edward.

Grant and I, played the role of the IOWSPR (The Isle Of White Socialist People's Republic) Jon & Edward were the PSRIOW (The People's Socialist Republic of the Isle Of Wight) Fortunately the People's Popular Front didn't turn up:0)

We were to attack the PSR in their stronghold of the Lion Brewery in Newport to try and force them out of it. Our force consisted of three rifle sections made up from, mostly, milkmen and bus drivers. Plus command units, and then some special stuff. A steamboat chugged up the Medina to lay down fire on our enemy with its 40mm PomPom. A sniper was holed up in the attic of a three storey house and we also had a rocket launcher and a box of fireworks.

We were faced with a similar enemy 3 sections of rifles, command and a pompom mounted in a truck. 
This was a pretty straight forward game played across my urban terrain. 

The only pic I took of the whole table. The brewery is on the far left.
We used rules written by one of the guys from Edward's gaming group in deepest Norfolk. They work pretty well. They certainly allow for a fast paced game, but I am not sure if that is due to the games rules or the amiable way four experienced gamers set about playing. The rules use cards to identify which unit is active (something I like) and dice rolls to generate how much a unit can move each turn (something I am not so keen on).

Movement initially was fairly cautious, units had no line of sight. Except the odd LMG team deployed on a roof or in our case a sniper holed up in an attic. We did also have the odd advantage, namely a riverboat with the bow mounted Pom Pom. This was the first weapon to cause major damage as it chugged up the Medina it turned its gun and shot into a unit of PSR rifles who were making their way down the alley behind the Police Station. The shot landed in the middle of the squad killing several men, the rest fled.

PSR LMG team on the roof of a dockside Warehouse
This was the only shot the Pom Pom got off however as in the following turn it was destroyed by  another Pom Pom mounted on the back of a Brewery Truck. LMG teams exchanged fire across the rooftops. The sniper caused several casualties.

The central units made slow progress towards each other. Most progress was made on the attacker's right flank. It was all very confusing as they approached Arkwright's General Store. The section leader ordered his men through the store so they could burst on to the Brewery left flank. Unfortunately for him, a section of PSR riflemen had already occupied the shop and the two units opened up on each other over the shop counter. I would like to say that our unit gave as good as they got and then fell back in good order. But that would be a lie: they got shot to pieces and the sorry remains ran for it!

PSR riflemen in the shop SPR rifles on the street. It's going to get messy!

After this clash the battle continued for a while. Notable casualties after this, inlcuded the SPR sniper eventually being picked off by a rifleman. The sniper had inflicted several wounds on enemy troops even those skulking in doorways and windows.

The most spectacular death goes to the crew of the PSR Pom Pom who both bought it when their driver decided to park his truck under an arch, as it 'Looked Good'.
Nicely parked!

At this point we drew the game to a close. There were still some units on both sides. The SPR had a rifle section occupying the Post Office, but they didn't look like making it any further towards the brewery, so they withdrew, leaving the PSR stil in control of the beer.

After the game the usual debriefing/tosh talk took place while we cleared down the table and set up another scenario. Two games in a day, yeah I know. More on the second game next time.