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Dodgy Swallowtail Ted

Victorian events are relatively new for me. Victorian events are growing in popularity, especially at Christmas time and we 'dabble' In the 19th century I am not aiming to represent anyone of 'quality my hair and beard dont really allow it.
I don't have a massive interest in the Victorian period, however as Victoirans often come up in my school work and I wargame Victoriania and Cos Play Steampunk, so getting Victorian kit seemed pretty natural.

Family Eagling Circa 1869

I started off as a dodgy pub dweller, but I am an enthusiastic reenactor and a faceless role like this doesn't really do it for me. In 2012 we spent two weekends at Kentwell Hall taking part in the 1869 Christmas reeanactment and I felt obliged to do some research to find out about the period and to provide me with a back story.

Sergeants Askew and Eagling at the bar of the Old Rose & Crown.
Crimea medal with Inkermann and Sebastapol Clasps

Thus Sergeant Major (Rtd) Edward Eagling of the 44th Regiment came about. A Crimean War veteran who was at the Battle of Inkermann and Siege of Sebastapol. In typical style we now hace a whole bunch of new stuff to find and collect. We have already found Crimea medals (replicas only, as orignal ones are worth lots!) Lots of potential to develop this area of interest, especially as it gives us something to do in what would usually be our 'Off Season'.

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