Sunday, 23 March 2014

2013 - what happened there then?

As I write it's March 22nd 2014. Readers of this blog, if any of you still check in will notice that tis is the first entry since last Easter. And for that I apologise. I didn't crawl into a cave, and not play, paint, make or reenact last year, far from it, it was a very busy year with some ground breaking events. However, and unfortunately, whilst not at events or work we had to cope with the trauma of a close family member fighting lung cancer and doing things like writing Blog updates frankly never got a look in. Sadly that fight is now over, and normal service will resume during 2014.

So what did happen in 2013? Well I reenacted in the 15th, 16th & 19th centuries, stayed in castles, fought in tournaments, fired cannons, fought with swords, rapiers, clubs and friends. (see what I did there) I fought in skirmishes, battles and sieges.I took End Of Empire To Salute 2013, and went Dinosaur hunting with a bunch of steampunks. I have tried several times to write some detailed reports of last year's events, and I might even manage it yet, but frankly that will stop me getting on with this year, which is promising to be a very good one. So Watch out here comes the 2014 season, let the madness begin:0)