Thursday, 16 August 2012

Busy Busy Busy...

Well it's been a bonkers summer so far. I haven't posted here recently as I am now writing another blog Knights'Tourney Blog  that just deals with the Knights' Tournament of Foote series of events we have been doing for English Heritage. Check it out to find out how genuinely busy my summer has been.

This photo was taken at the event that never was; Kelmarsh the Festival of History. This year sadly, the event was wrecked by a freak storm that dropped a month's load of rain in about 3 hours. This caused several culverts to completely overflow, forming an 8 foot wide foot deep river to snake its way across the best draining event field in the UK.

Our camp was just high enough to avoid being flooded out unlike some of our friends in other groups who has loads of kit damaged by flood water. The Suffolks' Elizabethan Trained Band stuck it out during the day. We got our guns off!

 In the evening went to the beer tent in our kit anyway. Yes it was that muddy BTW. This 'Hardcore' attitude was noticed by several EH folk and may well have secured us some EH Tudor action for 2013. Watch this space...

On the gaming front, not much has happened, not a lot, sod all in fact. However that will change very soon. Two reasons I visited the home of a friend of mine recently, Edward Jackson, the artist who produces all the art work for Alternative Armies' Flintloque game.

We have played some VBCW together before and just being in his workshop/studio/hobbyroom was enough to get me picking up paintbrushes again.

And secondly I just noticed that in the next edition of Wargames Illustrated is the first of my F&IW articles. One of two. The second I have not yet written, so best I get on with it...

So no tarrying here, I'll be back soon.