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'Knee Bend!' Ted, Sergeant at Armes for Sir James Tyrrell      Photo by Stephen Moss
There are several distinct areas of Medieval Reenactment that I really enjoy. One of which is taking to the field of battle.  Usually as a Man At Armes from the War Of The Roses. This can be a fairly small skirmish with 30 or so on either side up to marching out at the Battle of Tewkesbury where the sides are closer to 1500 a side.
Fighting as the Duke Of Suffolk at the English Medieval Festival, Herstmonceux, Sussex 2011
 I have not found many other things as thrilling as marching out at the battle of Tewkesbury. The combined sights of 3000 armoured troops, flags and banners, volleys of arrows, then the sounds of guns, drums and steel on steel is just one of the coolest things I have ever done. I think it is the closest I will ever get to a real battle, the adreneline rush was real enough!

Doing my hardest to keep the Tyrrells in line,

I either take the field with The Duke of Suffolk's Retinue (The Suffolks) or as Sergeant at Armes in the retinue of Sir James Tyrrell. Either way I am a Yorkist (through and through). And Either way I have a jolly good time. What we do is full contact, unrehearsed combat. Yes there's a running order or script (afterall we win Tewkesbury and lose Bosworth) But the actual combat is pretty real.

Sergeant at Armes, Ted going up against the Oxfords at Bosworth 2012

My favourite weapon on the battlefield is the poll-ax, a truly intimidating weapon, both good in attack and defence. I usually wear a full harness (not suit) of armour. This year, 2013, I WILL finish making my brigandine to replace my old fashioned Coat of Plate.
One of our more recent interests is 'Fings wot go bang!' The 15th century battlefields saw the rise of the use of the gun. We have a 15th century Nuremburg Handgun which we hope will make it onto the field a few times this year. Watch this space:0)
Heidi 'Giving Fire!' At the Battle of Bosworth

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