Monday, 29 April 2013

Easter Holiday, new stuff and Old School

Right, a few weeks behind here, so this will be a quick update before I launch into the reenactment season and produce a SALUTE2013 report too.

The Easter holidays saw a number of gaming opportunities:0)

First I got on with the paint job on my Ork Dakkajet. I bought this when I took Nate, my son, to GW when getting stuff for his birthday. Had loads of fun, making and painting this model. Pointless purchase but that is what gaming is all about. Need to buy lots more now.

My Dakkajet.

Nate has started to play 40k in store. It's a hobby that really suits my son with aspergers. He laps up rules like Rainman:0) I did have a (small) proud dad moment though, Nate totally owned that other kid! I don't know if I approve of of all things that GW do these days, but I do have to make one acknowledgment... Daren, the store manager at Southend, is an awesome member of staff and how he keeps going all day long I don't know. Most gamers are enthusiastic, hell most of us are frothers, but in the 18 years (ouch) I have known Daren his enthusiasm just gets greater. Daren if you read this... Respect my friend.

Nate's Deathwing
 Old school then... Not only did Nate start to play in store, we also started playing Spacehulk at home. The latest edition has some fantastic miniatures that I have mostly got around to painting. Nate and Heidi went head to head and, H proved that even after all these years she has lost none of that ruthlessess. Stealers in her hands are very dangerous indeed, even when she took it 'easy' on our eleven year old.

Blood Angels v Genestealers, oh yeah!

What a great game. Spacehulk hasn't changed much, if it aint broke don't fix it!
Coming next Salute 2013 and the Reenactment year is underway:0)