What I do... Pirates


Who doesn't love pirates? This is something I would like to develop. I have done a variety of piratey events now. It's not a great one for large scale reenactments, I have mainly done museum work. 

 The Golden Age of Piracy 1690s-1720 is great fun. Some iconic looks and loads of history. One of the crossover periods for me, I Wargame it and reenact it. Most of my pirate kit is cobbled together from other stuff, I would love to get some period correct kit, it's on the wish list.

Pirates may well also be the reason for getting a Firearms Licence (aswell as my shotgun one) as I want Pistols for pirates, proper firnig ones. The pistol in most of the pictures is a 1740s French Dragoon pistol, just about right for the period. It is deactivated, the lock will not stay cocked.

 All photos taken at the Tollhouse Museum Great Yarmouth.

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