Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Scenery First

Well it's been a busy few weeks, just for a change, and since my last post I have received the Liche Lord goodies I bought on Nickstarter, even more into the idea of this game now. But I am determined to have a whole game ready before I invite a couple of guys round to play (keep watching for the invite Bil Curd). I love being on the Frostgrave group on Facebook, loads of great stuff there and some very keen players who all enjoy their hobby.

For me the hobby is as much about the aesthetics as the games and I have some definite ideas for what I want from Frostgrave: I want snow, I love the real stuff and we don't get much of it round here, I have never really modelled snow and ice so I am looking forward to that particular challenge. I also want CITY, lots of the games I have seen online look ok, but they are often full of random scatterings of terrain. I want my games to be more than that. Ever since I played the first Assassin's Creed game on the X-Box I have fancied creating some new city terrain, I want a close feel, with multiple levels and lanes and allies. I also want my city to not look like Mordheim, (I think I have said that before) Not sure how I will achieve this bit yet, but again I am up for the challenge.

So what first then? Simples - Plan. in the last few years I have enjoyed planning and sketching before building. My 40mm pirate buildings were great fun to make as I drew them first then turned those sketches into models. ( I really need to write an article on here about them) So for this project I have been planning. I haven't sketched buildings though I have been working on a layout/floorplan.

Ok so here's the plan. This is a 2 foot by 2 foot square. Split into four squares. This means my first scenery for this game is going to be pretty compact. Each foot by foot section will get built at a time. Making this easy to work on and store, unlike some of my recent projects.

The colour scheme for the plan is as follows. 
Blue - Ground level
Orange - 3 inches high
Red - 6 Inches high
Brown - 9 inches high

The plan represents the city before the blizzards and ruins. The model will be ruined (although I am tempted to make an undamaged version too) I am going to start with the top left section first. I shall of course put regular updates on here so you can track my progress. 

This is going to be cool, it might not work, but it's going to be interesting finding out.

Wish me luck:0)


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