Wednesday, 18 January 2012

From Wang to WoW!

I am delighted to say that the blackening of my Burgonet has been completed and for a first attempt at blackening some armour, in a (semi) traditional method, I am really chuffed. It was a very lengthy, and extremely smelly process but the results were well worth it and have turned a bit of cheap kit that was quietly rusting in the garage into something that is unique and I will be proud to wear it.

If you remember my burgonet before Christmas looked like this...

Now it looks like this...

All the brass fittings were taken off, cleaned and replaced after the blackening. On the neck guard I have added an extra band of brass as the guard was recessed to take one.

The inside of the helmet has also had a whole bunch of work done to it too. Being a cheap Indian helmet it didn't fit very well and I was always trying to find ways of stuffing it and had to wear two arming caps to make it work at all, most unsatisfactory. Now I have sewn in an arming cap, which is riveted back and front to leather. The cheek guards have leather linings which are also stuffed to make the whole thing fit more comfortably. I have even gone to the lengths of making each brass washer that the rivets are peened into on all the leather work, even the ones that can't be seen.

This now looks great and is comfortable to wear. I am now going to get on with the gorget I have and then will start on my medieval kit. All of this should be far more straightforward than this helmet.

Now all I need is the time to blacken all my armour and make my brig. Busy busy:0)

I need to thank Erasmus Hyll for his excellent assistance in making sure I didn't cock it up!