Sunday, 13 November 2011

Piratical Progress - 1st building

Right then, first model finished. This is the one I started last month and I am rather pleased with it:0) This is the front elevation with balcony for extra swashbuckling action.

This has turned out quite well, and a lot like the sketches, see last Piratical Progress entry. The roofs on this model are cardboard slates. Many of the other buildings will be pantiles but I like this style.

Back yard with stairs from 1st floor. Two gates in the yard to encourage players to go through one side to the other.

Side elevation. One long wall with gate to backyard. Creeper on wall is from the GW plastic trees. the foliage on the trees looks pants but on flat walls it really works. It breaks up the white wall well and adds a splash of colour.

Other side elevation with front of smithy and doors to house visible. You can clearly see the horizontal lines which show where the model comes apart for access for models going indoors.

A peglegged fellow leaves by the back door.

The whole building in its constituent parts. Just like all my buildings for skirmishing this comes apart so those swabie dogs can get inside.

So there you go. A rather pleasing first effort at a 40mm building for my piratatical games, plenty more to come. But probably won't be featuring at a show next year as it I may well be officiating at a friend's wedding on the day of Salute2012. So I might have more time to produce stuff before it all makes a public appearance.


  1. Thanks guys. I am starting the next buildings soon. I am going to post up some of the concept sketches first to give you a an idea of what's coming.