Sunday, 4 December 2011

Norfolk Living History Fair Mannington Hall

The Norfolk Living History Fair was back in October. The Suffolks went in Tudor kit. Usually we will be quite specific about which year we are recreating and therefore what clothes we should wear. However at this event we all chose different kit (our favourite outfits) so we could represent a living timeline of Tudor fashions.

Ant and me in Elizabethan kit, (there were several other Suffolks present, but we were the only Elizabethans, hence why there is only two of us in the photos. There are other photos of the Suffolks on Adrian's website, follow the link at the bottom of this article.)

Two fantastic shots of my musket in action. We did this several times over to get the flash but it was well worth it.

Sword action. The sword of choice at the time was the Sidesword a transitional weapon, evolved from the arming sword of old but not a full rapier as it has two cutting blades. The English couldn't give up hacking at each other.

I have only recently received these photos from a photographer who attended the event: the very excellent Adrian Buck of Adrian Buck's Photography and I am so pleased with them I wanted to post them here. Thanks for the great pictures Adrian.

We are already looking forward to getting out next season to start developing our company of Elizabethan musketeers.

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