Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Windy Welwyn

Well last weekend just goes to show that it is possible to have a good time despite 'orrible conditions. I was at a 15th Century re-enactment with my Household the Suffolk Free Company, part of the Medieval Siege Society, in Windy Welwyn Garden City. The weather was to say the least, shocking! Saturday constant rain miserable, really didn't inspire us to do much that wasn't undercover. Did get a Skirmish in in the morning, which we (Yorkists) won. We (the Suffolks) fought in the colours of the Duke of Worcester for this event. You can spot suffolks fighting in the yellow and white of Worcester as they are often wearing blue and yellow items too.

Skirmish and Battle won one lost one. Monday only one large battle, which we lost:0(
So we'll call it a score draw then.

Of course the battles follow a script so we know who is supposed to win, but all the fighting is unrehearsed so it's pretty real.

The saving grace for the event was that it is always great to get away with the people you like and get out of the Rat Race for a while. Getting to lay into someone with a metre long sword is a great way to relieve stress. So thanks to all those who played, even the Lancastrians, we have to have someone to kill afterall.

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