Monday, 24 May 2010

Bloody Murder

Right then first post about Living History. I thought I would post a series of photos of me taken at Cressing Temple Barns. This was a battle fought with the MSS (Medieval Siege Society) In this sequence the battle is pretty much finished. I am wearing the colours of the house of Worcester. My household the Suffolk Free Company will often fight for the Earl of Worcester if he pays us enough.

The enemy were trying to surrender I approached this valiant warrior. He offered to come quietly.

But then my Lord, Sir John Tiptoft, the Earl Of Worcester, Butcher of England cried "No prisoners, No Quarter!"

So as I am but a mercenary fighting for coin I did as my employer bade me.

The young man stood no chance, he had already reversed his sword for me to take it, he did not expect a blow to the gut.

I love this shot, captured at the moment of death!

The dead man is left to lie on the field. His boots were the wrong size for me. I'm sure some other scum would help themsleves to them.

A great set of photos taken by Paul Dunt. (thanks Paul)

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