Saturday, 22 May 2010

Wargaming priorities.

Hmmm I find this the hardest part of my hobby, so many periods, toys and models, so little time. Many years ago it would have been fair to say that I got very little finished and I always was moving on to the next thing before I had got even close to finishing what I had previously started. Nowadays this definitely isn’t the case.

The problem these days is that along with the rules, figures and models I am often producing websites for the games and campaigns I am playing in. All of these things take time and need to have time given to them.

So the gaming projects that I am working on at the moment and need to prioritise include (Not in any particular order)

French & Indian Wars- 40mm figures and skirmish scenery. Fantastic models from Sash & Saber and the Honourable Lead Boiler Suit Company. Great opportunity to make some new scenery. This project started with a reenactor mate of mine, Ant, after yet another viewing of Last Of The Mohicans.

1809 – Voltigeur 28mm Napoleonic invasion of the Isle of Wight. Another reenactor friend, Kieran, is fortunately painting most of the figures for this and I am going out this very day to play it so look out for pictures later.

Necromunda – the mother of all good skirmish campaign systems. A new campaign about to start with some grown up ex-pupils of mine.

End Of Empire – an ongoing project, always with new ideas and models check out the website.

Warhammer Ahoy! Edition 3 the rules are written and I am working on fleet lists and other stuff plus a new website.

Articles for Wargames Illustrated, following my recent trilogy for 1588 And All That I am working on some new articles firstly End Of Empire, but maybe some other stuff too.

So only the future will tell what gets priority.

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