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Right, where to start?

I have been playing with the toy soldiers for the past twenty five years or so and in my time I have played a lot of different games, some pretty famously too. I was part of the duo that wrote WARHAMMER AHOY! the most well known set of ship rules for Warhammer Fantasy Battles. I still play AHOY! and am working on the third edition of the rules. I wrote a little article in White Dwarf 274, a good few years ago now, called 40k in 40 minutes, which kind of produced a mini 40k revolution in the world of Games Workshop as thousands of gamers started playing Combat Patrol across the world. I have written my own systems for games Blaze Of Glory is a Wild West game I wrote a few years ago and with another friend, Pete, I have written the award winning End Of Empire. Most recently I have had a series of three articles published in Wargames Illustrated entitled 1588 And All That.

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This is now my fifth year in Living History. I am a Tudor at Kentwell Hall, in Suffolk, and Medieval soldier with the Medieval Siege Society. At Kentwell I am currently a Mercenary Captain of Guns, which mostly means I get to swank around in lots of black, occassionally make things go bang and every now and then chat to people about our Culverins. In the MSS I am a founder member of the Suffolk Free Company, a household of Yorkist mercenaries, whose Lord, John dela Pole (The 2nd Duke of Suffolk) allows to fight for others who support the true king Edward IV. We started as a company of fighting archers, but several of us have acquired a fair amount of armour and we making quite a good show at taking to the field as Men At Arms.

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