Thursday, 17 June 2010

End Of Empire scenery

Some gaming stuff at last! This is a very busy time of year for me, re-enactments galore and a tonne of stuff to do in work. Anyone looking at my Facebook status recently will have noticed the odd rant about having to write school reports *!?**!!&%^ Gaming often comes a poor third in the early summer months. So I recently decided to have a look at what stuff needs finishing… answer… MOST OF IT!

Most wargamers I know usually have more than one project on the go, some big ones, some side ones and often piles of unpainted lead and plastic. Now in recent years I have got better at avoiding piles of unpainted toys, and I get far more finished all round. But again like most gamers I am usually thinking about the next projects before I have finished all the current ones.

So with the summer ahead of me and more potential Wargames Illustrated articles to write I thought I would go back to some of my End Of Empire models. End Of Empire is five years old now and I don’t think I will ever think it’s finished, there will always be a new model to make or new campaign to write, but many of the models have been made for shows and this has often meant they have not been quite finished off, especially the interiors. All EOE buildings come apart to allow access, the problem with this is it drastically increases the amount of painting. A couple of years ago I discovered FRONTLINE WARGAMING a splendid company (well one man band named Tim, all the best people are, really) who make resin furniture in 28mm and they just hit the spot. I bought loads of bits and immediately built an unpainted resin mountain. Tim was a great bloke to chat with and always open to ideas. He designed his library set at my bequest cos I wanted one for the home of Colonel Sir Henry Templeton Smyth.

Last week I decided to do something about the unpainted resin pile and chose to get on with some interiors. First problem: To stick in or not to stick in? If you stick in then it’s permanent, if you don’t they all fall over. Blu-tac leaves residue or damages walls. Solution Make false floors for the rooms. This means that I can strip out a house if I want but have stable furniture for regular layouts. Smaller models won’t get this treatment I am not going to buy furniture for every two up two down. I started with the Town house of Sir Edward Grey. When I first built this model it was a bigger house. No it’s a bit on the small side, but I like it never the less. I think I might add some more floors during the summer holidays.

All furniture FRONTLINE WARGAMING Building by me:0)
The Green Dragon Public House next and the newspaper offices. Plus some F&IW figs this time from the Honourable LEad Boiler Suit Company
. And don't get me started on Warhammer Ancient Battles 2nd edition which needs buying or the fantastic looking new WFB rulebook. Too much hobby not enough time. Right i'm off to the 16th century, ANON!

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