Sunday, 27 June 2010

AHOY! new pics

Ahoy! is my oldest running wargaming project and is in its tenth year, the website was looking very out of date with news from 2005 (which is the kind of thing that bugs me, don't mention my PatrolClash site:0( ) and I am now working on a new version.

So I finally had some time to start taking photos for my rebbuild of the Warhammer Ahoy! website and thought while I am working on the site I would post some here.

The first ship here is a Chaos Longship, Blooddrinker, she is a Small ship, with a crew of maruaders. She is dedicated to Khorne. Ship by me, crew painted by Dan Tunbridge.

The second ship to be featured is my Dark Elf skiff. I made this model some time ago and aim to make bigger ones too. The ship is based on a Gripping Beast Viking Fishing boat, heavily converted with Dark Eldar pieces. The crew are all V.old Maruader Dark Elves. The new models will get crews of the newest plastic Dark Elves as they are awesome.

In the new edition of AHOY! I have produced rules for the Lore of the Waves and the spells include ones to raise creatures from the deep. The tentacles come from the Honourable Lead Bolier Suit Company and no prizes for guessing what the Leviathan is made from. Sadly the kid at a show I told many years ago that I had made it from Greenstuff was mislead a tad! Plenty more to come and new models (hopefully) in the summer break.


  1. Awesome photos! The marauder ship is a beauty! I can't wait to see your big version of the Dark Elves skiff.

    I really need to get my hands on those tentacles. I have been looking for something like those for some time. I think they are no longer available though...

  2. I may be a bite late, but lovely work. How is the new site coming along, will it have the same address?