Thursday, 1 July 2010

Kentwell 1538

This is the first (I should think) of some entries covering the Grand Recreation Of Tudor Life at Kentwell Hall, Suffolk. Just a quick one really. This year I have only been able to do the weekends of the event, and have missed the weekdays which are for school parties. In some ways I am cool with this, I have done four years of main events which is more than many teachers and the route days (Tudor Conveyor Belt) I don't enjoy that much. But having gone up on Wednesday night this week to take the kids, Ned & Beanie, so they could spend the back end of the week, I did realise that I miss the camaraderie.

The other thing about posting here about Kentwell is that we rarely get decent pictures ourselves and are reliant on others coming up with some. This is due to the first person nature of the event where the reenactors are 'in the 16th century' which means we can't break out cameras when ever we fancy. Any way here are a few pics from the event so far (I am sure there will be more) The first I took of my Goodwife, Bess and two other Landsknechts Kit on the left and Blue on the right a Dopplesolder. The other two pics were taken by Hodge a Tudor baker who spent his last day on the manor as member of the public so he could get some pictures. I am sparring with Blue. He can turn his hand to pretty much any medieval and Tudor weapon and is pretty bloody useful with any of them.

Watch this space for more. This weekend coming should be fun. I might get shot at if I can get all my armour on in the heat.

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