Thursday, 5 May 2011

Salute 2011

Salute 2011 was the first outing for our 40mm F&IW game. It was particularly satisfying as I bought the figures for this game at Salute 2010 so in a year we had completed an entire project, probably a first for me.

Salute 2011 turned out to be a great event. We got everything painted on time (just) and the new scenery was ace, I was delighted with the how the waterfall turned out. We got through a lot of games. The table above was split into three separate sections which meant we never waited for more than three players, before we could start a scenario. This year I even managed to see some of the show as we arrived early and got set up in record time. The only downside was that most of the pictures I took were shocking, so I only have a few here. I will be setting various pictures up at home soon so watch this space. I also will be giving them to Old Glory / Sash & Saber so they can use them on their sites.
The Phillips' cabin under attack by Huron and Courier de Bois. This scenario played out very well and was won by players on both sides during the day. The cabin got lots of attention from photographers roof off and on:0)

The middle scenario with the Conestoga wagon was the one I was worried about as it was untested and looked pretty tricky. So we tried it out first thing with me taking the role of the British and mainly thanks to Mike's terrible dice rolls I proved it was possible to win. However, the Brits didn't manage another win in this scenario, mainly due to some odd choice of what to do with the wagon. Trying to run down injuns with an ox drawn wagon is not advisable folks.

We didn't win any prizes (nevermind) no gimmmicks, no fantasy elements and only a skirmish game, however we did get loads of favourable comments and many old faces came and played and had a great time. Roll on Salute 2012. More 40mm games I think. Much thanks to Ant, who painted all the British and Mike who, as always, played the role of Spirit Of The Game logistics Corps.

Better photos to follow and hopefully some WI articles too. Watch this space.

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  1. Saw this game there, good work sir and I am also broad and hairy.