Thursday, 7 April 2011

SALUTE 2011 Just round the corner.

Right a couple of months ago I had a schedule! Then life happened. Now it's to Hell with the schedule just get it all done. Nine days 'til Salute and work is coming on, but it's gonna be tight. (Same as always)
Progress has been made though.

One third of the table, the completed part! Under playtest. Middle section done, Large rocky outcrop and waterfall needs completing for part 3

The frontier farmsted under attack from Injuns and Courier de Bois, from a playtest. (Something that has not really happened before Salute, before:0)

The Conestoga Wagon from Sash & Saber miniatures, one of the reasons for my little rant about lack of photos on websites. Great model, very detailed. NO INSTRUCTIONS or pics on the website. This bit is ready for the scenario in the middle section of the table.

Still to do then... Paint 10 French Infantry, 7 Courier de Bois, Finish 8 Huron warriors. Oh and that bloody great waterfall. Nine days... loads of time.

See you at Salute.

And I finally finished the Wargames Illustrated Articles, looking forward to seeing End Of Empire in print.

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