Monday, 9 May 2011

Post Salute2011 F&IW photos

Ok, so some of the photos I took at Salute were terrible so since then I have made an effort to set up some scenes and try to take some reasonable photos and these are some of the results. There are more but I will probably hold onto them as I intend to produce a little Spirit Of The Game site called Tomahawks and Bayonets.

British Officers contemplate their next move.

Ant's terrific gun and crew (really AWI figs but painted for a few years earlier)

Huron and Courier de Bois sneak across the waterfall while British Light Infantry keep an unaware watch out.

A small British column marches past the Phillips' cabin.

A Conestoga wagon trundles along a frontier trail.

Courier de Bois and Huron indians cover the main column of marching French Infantry.

British Light Infantry engage a warband of Indians across Swallowtail Creek

All the figures here are from Sash & Saber miniatures (from Old Glory Uk in the UK) Brits painted by Ant, French and Indian by me. All scenery is by me.

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