Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Autumn 2015 Time to start again

Damn it's been exactly a year since my last post. Clearly it's been a busy year after all I haven't written anything since the end of last year. Several things have got in the way of me keeping this blog up to date, being busy doing what I do, changes to my job and sadly losing both my inlaws in the past two years has seen my focus elsewhere. 

Anyway I intend to try and pick up again, especially focusing on some gaming stuff, with new Zombicide and Frostgrave projects in the pipeline. But for now I am just going to post some cool pics of stuff I have done this year.

Victorian Gentleman for School Workshops

Stand & Deliver 

End of the Duel with Big Dick @ Pendennis

Dartmouth Castle Smugglers

Time Capsule Awesome Archaeology

Fighting Suffolks at the Battle of Bosworth

Polax Action - Bosworth Field

Family Eagling C1595 @ Pendennis Castle

My brilliant wife, Heidi, finally met her hero

The olde Enemies @ Pendennis Castle

Resident Evil Cos-play at London Film & Comic Con

Smuggling at Dartmouth
It's been a pretty cool year, done some great things and had a great laugh. Go find my Facebook Page for more photos. I might write about some of this stuff too. Right a Picture says a thousand words, so that has saved a thesis. Next get on with some gaming:0) 

See ya soon.

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