Sunday, 3 March 2013

Blast from the Past --- Brewhouse Bash!

My son, Nathan, was 11 recently and he decided that he wanted a Warhammer party, (he started to paint figures in the autumn) It was great, half a dozen friends, a model each, glue, paint and off we go. However I didn't want the kids just  to paint, we needed a game we could play. I wracked my brains for what we could play, then it just popped up.

Those of you who are old enough might remember a little game in White Dwarf issue 223 (1997ish) called Brewhouse Bash. A small board game inspired by Gorkamorka. It was a freebie (Yeah I know) and it was great fun.

Kitchen and Thunderbox

I used to play it with kids in school, so I went looking for the playing pieces. I found various bits in a folder, but had to give in and search for it on line. PDFs successfully found I was delighted, however it was became apparent that it might not have the impact I was after. So I came up with a new plan; build the Brewhouse, Da Oomies' Arms.

Balcony & bar

I' ve got to say, I am pleased with the result. It was great fun to make and the kids had good fun too. This game is one that reinforces 'simple is best'. A simple game with only a handful of rules leads to a fast paced and ruthless game. If you have never played it search out the PDF, if you have played it, then go and play it again. You'll love it I promise:0)

The whole board


  1. Timmy,

    I remember that game, played it a bunch as well, heck where do you think the idea for the Bar Room Brawl for LotHS came from!!! Great board, thanks for posting this up man!

  2. Always thought that was the case:0)