Tuesday, 4 October 2011

On the Workbench

It's October and the re-enactment season is nearly over. One event to go. SO thoughts and energy turn to winter projects. Now these could all easily be re-enactment projects if I let them, afterall I aim to make myself a brigandine this winter like Heidi did at the start of this year, which is a serious amount of metal work, but I also need to be working on some gaming stuff too.

This winter I have two gaming projects to be getting on with. One will be for gaming with a variety of friends and one will be mostly self indulgent but will result in my effort for Salute2012. The first project then is aimed at getting some of my re-enactment friends playing more games, I aim to use much of what I have already and only work on some figures. We aim to run a Very British Civil War campaign (VBCW) which will be set on the Isle of Wight. This will hopefully involve four players and myself as the campaign master. Ant will be playing the Fascists, Francis the Vectis Nationalists, El Hoggo the Anglican League and Jon has yet to declare a faction. I will be representing the Governor of the island, Princess Beatrice Mountbatten and the forces at her disposal, namely the Princess Beatrice Rifles (formerly 530 Coast Defence Regiment) and the Vectis Constabulary. This means new toys to paint and play with, the first of which are on the workbench right now.

Men of the Vectis Constabulary. These are Artizan Design figures and very nice too. they will go with my Eureka bobbies and some figures from Empress Miniatures which will make up Auxiliary Police.

Merchant seamen from the talented hands of Bob Murch of Pulp Figures. The Isle of Wight being an island relies heavily on shipping and these figures are going to see quite a lot of action I should think.

The cool thing about this campaign is that because of my extensive scenery collection for End Of Empire I only need to add details like phone boxes, telegraph poles and the right kind of vehicles to make it all work. Getting the right scale of stuff is a little more challenging, however most of this stuff will work fine when on a table with all the other bits.

This is the first of a fleet of delivery trucks for the Mews Brewery of Newport (Livery to be added) The barrels are removable so they can just be used as flatbed trucks. All three bought for a fiver on ebay, got to love that:0)

The second project this winter is, as I said, a little more self indulgent. the VBCW project and this one has mostly been funded by selling some gaming gear off to make room. The odd thing is though I have sold my 28mm pirates and ships. What is odd about that? you may ask. Well I have sold my 28mm pirates to make way for 40mm ones. I have rather fallen for 40mm since the F&IW project and the challenge of building models in a bigger scale really appeals. So hopefully I will have a whole piratical 40mm game for Salute 2012. The figures will mostly be from Sash & Saber. We are going to use ou F&IW civilians and the Redcoats too (Not completely correct for the golden age of piracy being 3--40 years too late but they have an iconic look so what the heck?) I will also be buying various figures from Drabant as they are ace (If a tad expensive) So watch this space for swabbie crews, new ships and a whole lot more.

4 Sash & Saber pirates on the way. The main pack of pirates comes with multiple torsos, legs, heads an weapons allowing for tonnes of variation. This pack I think will be bought a number of times over as I intend to use them for pirates, naval crews and gunners. This size model is a delight to paint and I can see me getting on pretty well with all the pirates I need to finish.

I am rather pleased with this pair. Things bode well for the dark winter months. Watch this space and see how we progress.

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