Monday, 6 June 2011

Elizabethan Military

Right last time there were no military pictures so this time they all will be:0)

So here are a few more images from our recent event at Kentwell. Although we were aiming to spend the weekend in medieval attire, some of us also took along our Elizabethan kit so we could take advantage of the great setting. When at Kentwell we are what we call year specific, and for several years at a time we may not be doing an Elizabethan year. However as I recently acquired a musket and with my further interest in 1588 And All That and Border reivers we decided to see if we could get some action shots, so here we are.

Give Fire! Bendy, our photographer was rather pleased with this shot.

It's not all musketry though. We went at it with sideswords too.

Frankly can't wait for another Elizabethan year at Kentwell, we plan to create a musketeer regiment with lots of guns. I already have the new hat that would be required. More medieval stuff next time.

Thanks should go to Ant and Dangerous Pete for dressing up and playing and Bendy for the terrific photos, yet again.

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