Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Wargaming in August? Blimey!

Well it might be August and the Re-enactment season is well under way, but I still manage to squeeze the odd game in. Today's game was brought to you by a case of Ned's gyppy tummy which meant we couldn't take him to the Imperial War Museum at Duxford (Tomorrow maybe) so I was forced to stay home and find something else to do. Fortunately we were going with Kieran, one of my Living History and gaming buddies and he stayed and played.

We then had the usual dilemma, what to play? This has to be solved quickly , because if it doesn't we all too often end up talking about but never actually playing any wargames. So we plumped for 1588And All That, our 16th century England Invaded game.
We followed up a chat about Special characters in other games by breaking out the 'Three Cannoneers' table top representations of us and a further friend, Ant, and created a scenario for them.

The basic premise was that the Cannoneers were in a roadside inn, The Black Prince, with a few local militia men. The commander of nearby Spanish forces knew their whereabouts and wanted them captured, so he dispatched a small force to do so.

The Cannoneers have to avoid capture, the Spanish have to beat the three heroes in melee before the take 50% casualties. We played the game through twice. The second game being a little closer having made a few tweaks from play through one. Both games were great fun, the gun fire reverberated around, arrows whistled overhead and sword rang on sword. The results: Cannoneers lost one, won one.

Interestingly the game threw up some good talking points and as we are still tweaking we will be changing a few minor things on the website and wll definitely be adding this to the scenaraios section.

Now all I need to do now is get on with End Of Empire touch ups and scenery finishing, as I have a photoshoot for Wargames Illustrated later this month, and I need to settle on something to take to SELWG, as I have been invited again but have no idea what to take. All great problems to solve.

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